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Movingyourlives.com covers the Districts of Sevenoaks and surrounding areas. 

Please call Justine for more info on +44 (0)7900 404907, or e-mail info@movingyourlives.com


My services are bespoke tailored and relevant to your individual needs. Whilst the services that I provide will be different in each case, the beginning of each relationship will be based on establishing the basics through an initial consultation with you and me providing you with an assessment report.

Step 1. 

Initial Consultation 

First, whether local or abroad and at your convenience, I will chat with you either personally or over the phone/skype and work through a lifestyle questionnaire to establish your family needs. (Approximately one hour.) 

Step 2. 

Research and Documentation

Based on the initial consultation I will compile a set of high level tried and tested recommendations covering the areas of priority for you and your family. This is likely to cover at least the following main areas

  • Schooling - Discuss schooling options available and help with the appointment process and registration.

  • Where to Live - Discuss suggestions of various localities based on your needs and preferences. Help you identify the right home for you. 

  • Relocation - Recommend relocation companies and liaise.

  • Lifestyle  
    • Sporting Clubs - Wide range of sporting clubs, local gyms and classes.
    • Children Clubs - Music groups, teenage groups, holiday clubs, singing clubs etc.
    • Eating out - Local village pubs, restaurants, recommend catering companies, etc.
    • Grooming - Hairdressers, beauticians, nail bars, etc.

  • Services
    • Medical Services - Doctors, specialists, alternative therapy, etc.
    • Home Setup - Digital services/utilities set up.
    • Childcare - Babysitting and nanny services.
    • Pet Services - Vets, dog walkers, & kennels.
    • Equestrian - Livery stables etc. 
    • Housing Services - House sitters, plumbers, electricians, handymen, builders, etc.
    • Places of Worship - Churches and church groups.

In most of these areas I have all the required expertise to offer the best advice but in other areas I will endeavour to conduct the necessary additional research required. All of this will be documented in a write up pack which is generally about 8 - 10  pages long. An anonymised illustration is available by email if you wish. 

Step 3. 


Once you’ve received the pack I will arrange a debrief meeting or call to allow us to talk through the findings provided and allow for clarification and questions.  The debrief call will generally take about an hour. 

How long does it take? 
From the first 
consultation I aim to deliver your pack within three weeks of initial contact. If this is not possible I will let you know. 

How much does it cost?
The fee structure for the service outlined about is £500, (VAT inclusive). Please note, each relationship is bespoke and as a
result additional costs may be necessary. Such additional costs would be discussed in advance. 

Once this initial process has been completed we can identify any further services that you may desire and agree a bespoke fee arrangement. 


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